Sell Your Piano

To Sell Your Piano, Please include your Piano’s Serial Number and Model Number.

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Looking to sell ?
We specialize in buying used pianos and can pay top-dollar. We pay in cash and our process is hassle free.
We can also sell your piano on consignment. We also accept pianos in trade towards new pianos.

What piano brands do we buy?
We predominantly acquire used Steinway and Yamaha pianos. This is the best place to sell a steinway piano.
We also buy used Bosendorfer, Bechstein, Boston, Baldwin, Essex, Kawai, Mason & Hamlin, Petrof, Samick and Young Chang pianos.

How soon will I be contacted regarding my piano?
We will respond within 72 hours (however, if you do not hear back, we unfortunately would not be interested in the piano).

How to sell a piano?
We will take care of all the details. We will pick up the piano using professional and insured piano movers. We will tune your piano, tech your piano and touch up your piano as well. We do everything possible to make your piano the best example of that piano available on the market. This gives our customers the best value for their money and you get the most money for your piano.

Please submit the following information to sell your piano: