Steinway Restoration

Acoustic Piano Restoration


Having a direct influence on acoustic properties and tone of the instrument, the soundboard is considered as the heart of every piano.
Based on condition of the existing soundboard or customer’s preferences, the soundboard may be either carefully restored or replace. Our Partner Factory is able to supply soundboards of leading manufacturers from Germany and Italy.

Soundboard bridges

Piano bridges are responsible for transferring the sound from strings to the soundboard and their condition is crucial to maintain sound integrity. Based on the level of exploitation, bridge caps may be either restored or replaced. New caps are installed and chiseled by hand to match the original shape.

Pin block

The main function of pin block is to maintain tuning stability, thus, its well-being is crucial while assessing piano’s condition prior to restoration.

Iron frame

While soundboard is considered the heart of every piano, the frame serves as its skeleton. Cast iron in the piano has to resist the string pressure of up to 30 tons; hence, it is crucial to take care of frame’s wellbeing. Additionally, fine sanded iron varnished in highest quality lacquers will highlight piano’s beauty even more.

Replacing tuning pins

Replacing tuning pins is inseparable part of successful restringing. Based on piano’s age and brand, we can supply nickel or blue tuning pins.


High quality strings and their professional installation reflect on the quality and strength of sound. SAP Renovation uses only strings of renowned German and French manufacturers.

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Piano Cabinet

Carpentry work

The goal set by SAP Renovation is to deliver world’s best piano restoration. To achieve it, each and every instrument requiring cabinet restoration undergoes a complex carpentry work process which may vary based on the actual cabinet condition.

Cabinet finish

Our customers may choose from a wide selection of available piano finishes. The final effect consists of two very important decisions: the color (black, veneer color, RAL color). Types of finishes: high gloss polyester, closed pore mat (gloss intensity: 30% or 60%), open pore mat, glossy French polish applied by hand in few varieties: ECO – pores closed in 70%, NATURAL – pores closed in 95%, and GLASS (polyester base) – pores closed in 100%, and WELSH – satin French polish finished with wax, pores closed in 70%.

Cabinet elements

Every damaged or missing cabinet element may be replaced. You can order it raw or finished in any type of finishes we offer.

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Piano Action

Action restoration

Condition of the action translates directly to pianist’s playing experience. Meticulously prepared action offers a freedom of musical variation.


Similar to action, a perfect keyboard results in comfortable playing experience. At SAP Renovation, all 88 keys are carefully inspected and installed in your piano.

Key Covers

Different key covers offer different playing experience. Apart from that, their meticulous restoration (Ivory) or professional replacement (synthetic plex, Tharan, IvoPlast, plastic) will add to cosmetic aspect of the piano.

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Voicing the Piano

Final Voicing

Each grand and upright piano is characterized by its individual sound properties.
Voicing is a process which gives an instrument possibly an open sound characteristic for the brand and model of the piano. This effect is obtained by needling and shaping hammer heads.

Contemporary piano manufacturers part from outdated designs altering thickness of hammer felts.

A modern piano and its 100 year old equivalent characterize with different sound properties regardless of being manufactured by the same company.

Our company restores and voice vintage instruments bringing back their original sound properties which cannot be achieved while working with new pianos!

Voicing has been divided into 3 types in order to meet our customers’ expectations – due to this division; our customers will have their instruments prepared exactly the way they expect.

MODEL VOICING – no harmonization
Involves equalizing timbre according to model and make of the piano.
Often compared with factory voicing. Equal throughout the scale.

Designed for baby and living room grand pianos set up in small living or practice rooms. Subtle and delicate timbre, none of the parts of scale are amplified.
Equal throughout the scale.

Designed for semi and full concert grand pianos used in concert venues. Strong sound to match the rest of the symphony.
Equal throughout the scale.

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