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We have several piano resources. Find Questions and Answers about Pianos here! Different musings about Pianos and Pianists along with all things music related. Check out my Blog on Pianos and Piano players. I am a concert pianist with Piano Performance and Education degrees and have been in the piano industry for over 30 years. I have worked with many piano technicians as well as other concert pianists and concert halls. I enjoy writing about pianos and all related piano information.

Amazing facts about Piano Players!

It doesn’t matter if You play the piano casually or are a concert pianist, these Amazing facts pertain to all who study and play the piano. PIANISTS USE THEIR BRAIN MORE EFFECTIVELY AND EFFICIENTLY In order to properly play the piano, players and potential piano players will have to memorize the sound of all 88-keys…

Why Do Pianos Have 88 Keys?

Why Do Modern Pianos Only Have 88 Keys? There have been many reiterations of the piano over the past few centuries. Even today some pianos are being made with upwards of 100 keys. Still, 88 keys have been the standard for the last 120 years. The reason 88 keys still remains the standard is partially…

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